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Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram has been providing Hiram with professional, licensed tree care for more than a decade.

We believe professionalism begins with the first call, and you will be able to tell from the minute we answer that our Hiram tree service is set apart from the rest.

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Enjoy 100% FREE stump grinding when you purchase qualifying tree removal, tree trimming, or other arborist services!

*Offer Valid On Qualifying Service Purchases of $3500 or More. 

Service Oriented

If you need trees trimmed, taken down or just some routine care we have a fantastic team of professional tree experts who are happy to serve clients in the Hiram area and will be there when you need them!

Affordability Focussed

The tree removal experts at Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram offer a variety of services and unbeatable prices. Whether it's trimming or any other work you need, we can provide quality service for the best price in town!

Quality Driven

We are dedicated to providing you with the best tree service experience possible. We take care of every detail from beginning to end and leave your yard looking pristine at all times, no matter what season it is.



Trees provide many benefits to the environment. Not only do they produce oxygen that keeps us breathing clean air, but their roots also prevent soil erosion and help regulate changes in temperature throughout seasons. Their leaves are great at capturing pollutants while leaf decomposition produces nutrients for other plants.

We’ll make all your yard dreams come true! Whether you want a tree removed or just some trimming, we’re there for it. Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram promises to transform your outdoor space and get the trees back in shape so they can continue doing their good work!

Our Services

Our versatile tree service teams are capable of handling your tree project with speed, efficiency and care.


Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram takes great pride in the fact that we are the best tree removal service around. This is why our company gets up every day: it’s what drives us to want to make sure people get a good experience and know they can count on Vilchis for any kind of tree service, including getting rid if trees.

We take great pride in our safety precautions. We make sure to equip all of our workers with protective gear before we even start working on a job site- from the highest ranking supervisors down to the lowest crew members, everyone has goggles, chaps and headphones ready. This is nonnegotiable!

At Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram, we believe that safety is our number one priority. We always ensure proper preparation and equip every worker with a harness, helmets and climbing gear before they come near a tree to avoid any possible injury or damage on either side. Everyone has been properly trained how handle themselves around hazardous trees during dangerous weather conditions like windstorms and rain.

Once we have assessed the area for safety, you won’t believe how quickly our crew can take down trees. It’s incredible to watch them at work! We know your time is valuable so that’s why this entire process will be quick and efficient.



Paulding County is home to many trees, but unfortunately not all of them are safe. To help the community maintain their safety and sanity, local tree removal service company Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram works as quickly as possible while still prioritizing everyone’s wellbeing. We believe that this system creates a win-win for us and Paulding County residents by allowing both parties more time to do other things they enjoy.

When possible, we can usually just drop the tree quickly. However, many them are near houses or power lines which makes this more difficult for us to do safely. Sometimes, we’ll send up one of our climbers to the top of a tree to remove limbs and then cut off its crown. By doing this, we shorten it, making it easier for us to fell it in the direction we want. Another method is hooking the tree with our bobcat and pull it, making it fall where want. Another method still is to use our claw…a massive hydraulic attachment on our big truck. It grabs the tree and lifts it into the bed of the truck after cutting.



When trees aren’t near someone’s home, we try to remove it in sections from the top down using climbers and ground personnel. If this isn’t possible or too dangerous for some reason, we can use cranes instead of climbers on all branches one at time so they don’t fall hard onto houses or roads below them.

Our crew will make sure your property is as clean as possible after we take down the tree. This includes making sure that all of the debris created by cutting it down gets taken away so you’re not left with a mess on site.

Once our team has cut down and processed a fallen tree for removal from your yard or property, they’ll ensure everything looks just like how it did before – except now without any trees to block views or cause damage if storms hit again.


At Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram, we understand that you might not want us to take down your whole tree. For example, if there are trees in the way but they aren’t overhanging power lines or anything like that then maybe all you need is for a few branches and limbs cut off.

You don’t always need to remove a tree because it does not pose any harm. Sometimes the only threat is one wayward limb, and we can take care of that without hurting or depleting its integrity.

Trees are beautiful, but if we don’t take care of them they can cause damage. For instance, removing limbs and branches improperly could harm the tree. We are thorough and careful because trees should remain structurally sound without posing a threat to anyone or anything else in their environment!



Having branches obstructing the view from your driveway is dangerous. Not being able to see what’s coming when you pull onto a road could lead to an accident.

Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram is here to help you solve that pesky problem. Are there any branches or parts of a tree blocking your bedroom window? We would love take care it for you at an affordable rate!

Just like with all of our services, we perform our work with the utmost care and totally to your satisfaction. Please do not hesitate to call when you need a branch removed.


Call Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram today to get a quote on our tree trimming services. When getting this type of service, it’s important to understand that quotes can vary depending on the size and location of the branches being trimmed.

When a tree is very large, it becomes much more challenging to trim the branches. For the safety of you and your property when we begin cutting down these larger limbs there are many additional precautions that must be taken into consideration which can make our job take longer or even cost more money than normal.

The number of branches trimmed will also affect the price we charge for our services. For one branch, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than if there are multiple branches being cut back at once.

Give Vilchis Tree Service of Lithia Springsa call today and we will come out and give you a free quote. However, we ensure that we offer the best prices and the most professional service in the area. 

Give Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram a call today and we will come out to give you an estimate. We are the most professional tree service in the area, which is why our prices can’t be beat!


Let us take care of those old stumps for you! We use the best stump grinding methods to leave behind an empty space that’s not filled with anything unsightly.

Instead of worrying about tripping over a stump in your backyard, let our team grind them away. This will make the yard safer for children to play outside or people who need to walk around their property.



Stump grinding is the perfect way to get rid of those pesky tree roots that are not only an inconvenience but can also be dangerous if they’re left untouched.

Stumps can be a huge inconvenience, but thankfully professional stump grinding is an affordable way to remove them! It makes your yard more aesthetically pleasing by finishing the tree removal process before any other landscaping projects. It removes trip hazards from around homes so children don’t get hurt and prepares land for building purposes like decks, patios or sidewalks. So take care not to let those pesky stumps stand between you and peace of mind at home.


The stump grinder is a powerful machine that leaves nothing behind. It has a grind disk, which spins like saw teeth to cut through and chip away at whatever it can find; while digging around from side to side until there’s no trace of what was once in its path!


Before you start clearing land, it’s important to know the type of growth that is present on your property. Different types include shrubs, trees or grasses and if not done properly can lead to poor results in future planting efforts. The purpose for which this piece of land will be used determines whether its use requires complete or partial removal of vegetation. For instance some cities require open space areas with natural foliage as part of their zoning codes. Clearing should always be done according to city requirements because otherwise fines may apply!! Lastly knowing just what kind leaves behind after each tree has been removed goes a long way towards proper grading techniques.

Land clearing is a large task that requires the use of various equipment. Land clearing can be done to balance production with environmental concerns, but it all depends on how big or small a property is and what exactly needs to happen there.


Generally, the machines we use to clear land are diggers or controlled fire. Diggers can be used in cases where there’s a lot of brush that needs removing and they’re more delicate than other types of clearing methods. Controlled fire is effective if you want to remove unwanted vegetation without damaging the rest of your property but it requires careful supervision because accidental fires could cause damage too.

To protect our local ecosystem while still being able to quickly remove undesirable plants from your property, we will use a variety of control methods.



Whether you’re looking to turn a plot into an urban development or make room in your yard, there’s no better way than with the assistance of skilled and experienced professionals who have tools that can clear just about anything out quickly.

Our experts can take care of any project you’ve got–large or small! We will make sure not to miss anything and safety is always our number one priority.

At Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram, we’re proud to be able to tackle any land clearing job. Whether you need space around your apartment complex for people’s safety or room for a pool by your home, our team is committed not only doing the work carefully and quickly but also with great caution so that things come out perfectly according to plan.


When a thunderstorm hits, you might think about the trees around your house. If they’re going to fall and hit it during high winds, don’t wait until later- call us at Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram today!

We provide 24-hour tree service in the unfortunate event that a tree did hit your house or any of your other property. Our emergency storm services is where we specialize in removing trees and limbs, whether they are just across from you driveway or have actually damaged part of your home.

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If you have trees or shrubs in your yard, Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram can help. We’ve been caring for residential and commercial properties for decades and are the best at what we do. Our team has a wealth of knowledge about tree care that includes trimming out dead branches from overgrown shrubs, removing stumps and trees, and more.

You don’t have to worry about your trees because Vilchis Tree Service of Hiram is here. We offer a variety of services from tree trimming or stump removal all the way up to massive tree removal and land clearing in Hiram, Ga., so you can spend more time enjoying your property instead of working on it!

Hiram is a common place for storms, and you may be at risk for storm damage. If you need help with quick, urgent clean up after the next storm contact us immediately because we offer 24/7 emergency service to get back on our feet! We’ll be there when no other company will because we strive for excellence by providing professional tree services around Hiram – don’t wait until tomorrow if today could make all the difference during an upcoming storm!